an innovative packaging


etxegarai, in its eagerness to continue innovating and giving priority to quality, has developed a new packaging that enables cheese to be preserved better and for all its organoleptic characteristics to be maintained throughout the consumption period, thus prolonging the lifespan of the product and maintaining its optimum balance.

This new packaging prevents air from entering and adapts in each case to the shape of the product, thus protecting it from any aromatic contamination or dryness. The cheese must always be kept refrigerated, although to fully appreciate its taste, it should be consumed at room temperature and taken out of the fridge some time beforehand (20 min. for a slice, 1 hour for the whole cheese), so that only the outside of the packaging condenses the humidity, thus preserving the content of mould and other pollutants.


Our commitment to the environment has led us to design a re-useable packaging that may be used on unlimited occasions and ensures that a new portion or whole cheese is preserved without generating any residue.